Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photographing the sunset

This time of year the sunsets at Venus Bay can be specular, plus we probably also have the time to sit and watch them. The beach at Venus Bay is actually oriented mainly north south and faces west so you can watch the sunset into the sea. You will be able to photography sunsets over the water equally as rich and warm as those from the famed cable beach in Western Australia (ok we don’t have camels)

Pointing your camera (especially automatic digital ones) straight at the sun however often leads to disappointing results. The main problem is the exposure (the light meter in cameras often get strong contrasty subjects wrong) and photos are bleached out or have a flared out overexposed fussy light burnt into a dark image). One trick is to half press the shutter button pointing while away from the sun (this will get the light meter to correctly read the average lighting) then keeping your finger on the button move back to looking directly at the sun and finally pushed you finger fully down. It may take a little practice but with a digital camera you can view what you just took. Another alternative is to use bracketting (I pretty well always do this now for sunsets). This is a feature on most digital cameras now that will take 3 or 5 pictures at once with different exposures. But there is plenty of other good advice on the net,such as digital photography school and wikiHOW. Sunsets make great personal screen savers/wallpaper on your computer

If you look at my photography blog you will see sunsets are a favourite subject. Here are a few sunsets already in the VBOP group on flickr, perhaps you would like to add more. Lets make Venus Bay as famous for sunsets as cable beach.

Into the sunset the setting sun vb beach sunset panorama

Alas the beach one surf life saving observation box is no longer

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