Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does Venus Bay get King Tides?

With a lot of current focus on flooding and King Tides it is a good time to answer the question.

"Does Venus Bay get King Tides?"
It certainly does!
In fact the next ones are due now and over the weekend. We get higher tides twice each month corresponding roughly with the new moon and full moon (look outside tonight and you will see a full moon). These are also known as spring tides (despite the fact that they occut all year round) and also represent the times when the difference between high and low tides are at there maximum. So from tonight till monday will will have higher than average tides overnight and lower than average low tides in the late afternoon and evenings.

I found this graph on a great site called willy weather, which as well as putting weather details on the net for a lot of Australian locations, including focasts for Venus Bay (they are pretty much taken from the Bureau of Meterology's Pound Creek station), They also sell lots of things to do with weather and tide prediction, worth a look if you are interested in such things.

Wikipedia has a fairly comprehensive page on tides, if you are looking for more detail.

Remember atmospheric pressure helps raise and lower the sea level. So a high pressure system, as we are in right now (1012 hPa and rising) will lower the sea level and stop the higher tide reaching so high but helping the low tide go lower, compared with the predicted level in the chart above or any preprinted tide chart.

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