Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Geology (and MORE) walk at Pt Smythe

This photo above was taken looking NW towards Pt Smythe during the Summer by the Sea geology walk at Venus Bay. The weather was kind to us as Norm Hanson led the tour through the diverse habitats introducing us to the plants, animals, geological theories and history of Point Smythe.

Warragul spinach.
The creeper scrambling here in this photo left was a food plant for the indigenous peoples of the area. The Kulin people used this and many other food sources during their seasonal passage through their traditional lands.

I was hoping to post a video of Norms longshore drift experiment on this site, but I have had trouble. Id like to blame the Sand Fly bites I got, but thats not deserved. I have managed to get some video on my Flikr, so here are a couple of links;

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