Monday, April 25, 2011

The 3rd Kingdom.

Autumn rains have triggered the fruiting for many of the fungi in Cape Liptrap Coastal Park. They make great photographic subjects besides their importance in recycling nutrients back into the food chain.

Identifying them can be a challange, though. The top picture is Geastrum simulans, the genus often being know as "Earth Stars ". The others I don't know, can anyone put a name to these?

Coastal Ecology & Managemant Workshop

This is a panorama looking across to Wilsons Promontory from Walkerville taking during one of the field trips on the Coastal Ecology and Management Workshop of April 9th & 10th.

The workshop was an excellent weekend and well attended. We were treated to so many great guest speakers I wont mention them all because you'd be jealous. Suffice to say that Bruce Atkins ran an informative, useful and fun event that I would highly recommend that environmental volunteers look out for next year.

Special mention to the Friends of Venus Bay Peninsula. Janet Carey gave a presentation on the Friends successes with fox control on V.B. From 2007-2011 they have trapped 189 foxes and 7 feral cats. The picture below from Pt Smythe today shows unfortunately there are still a few out there to catch.