Saturday, September 22, 2012

Something To Sing About

All the signs that Spring has arrived in Venus Bay abound. The melodious calls of birds proclaiming territory and breeding rights fill the bush, and one of the most musical is the Golden Whistler Pachycephala pectoralis is hard for your ears to miss. (Male pictured above, females are duller and lack the black & white head markings).

The plants are also getting into the mood, with many beginning their flowering. The Running Postman Kennedia prostrata (above) delivers a crimson treat with its pea-like blooms. For keener eyes are the small Native Violets Viola hederacea (below) whose flower stalk stands only 10cms tall at most.

The Silky Guiana Flower Hibbertia sericea var. sericea (below).
What would Spring be without a Fungi responding to the rains and warmth? An Earth Star Geastrum sp. (right) adds yet another colour and texture to the community of life playing out the seasonal vocation of procreation.