Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still Eroding


Having been away for a couple of what I have come to know as the most active erosion months (August and September, presumably because of the strong swells and storms are common in these months). I was surprised that maybe there had not been as much erosion as I was expecting. Still quiet a lot of the beach shows an erosion scarp of 1 to 2m. I was also surprised to see so much seaweed on the beach (perhaps the swells have also disturbed the kelp forest off shore).

This location (just south of the beach one ramp) also shows clearly something I had noted before. The fenced “rehabilitation” area, has mainly coastal spinifex, where as the eroded area to the south is dominated by marram grass. Perhaps the flatter slope angle of the dunes with coastal spinifex lets the occasional high waves run up their surface rather than starting an erosion notch.

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