Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bigger swells and more dune erosion

New 2.5m erosion scarp just south of Beach One1.5m drop at the bottom of Beach 4 accessMeter drop at the bottom of Beach 5 access

I was keen to have a look at the beach and see how the big swells of last week, affected the beach. Swells bought to our coast by really big storms and heavy weather in the southern oceans. The surfers where disappointed because the winds where not off shore, to lift the waves, but the strong on-shore winds made matters worse for erosion, that push the water up against the coast even more and clearly helped the swells and waves they produced reached right up to the dunes. Even though we not quiet to the full month.

The result is a lot of new erosion, not everywhere but obvious all along the beach.

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