Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lunar Eclipse @ Sunset Tuesday 21st.!

For those interested, and clouds permitting, you will be able to a partial eclipse of the moon should be visible just before sunset as the "full" moon rises (approx 8:40pm) and best time to view will be as the sunsets, with the moon still low on the horizon and appearing larger than usual. The partial eclipse will reach it midpoint around 9:15PM and be complete by 10pm It should have a reddish colouration over much of the moons surface (not as complete as shown in photo from the June 2009 lunar eclipse but distinctly reddish all the same).

The best places to view the eclipse at Venus Bay will those places with a good view of the eastern horizon, such as the overflow Carpark on the way to beach one, OR on the Venus Bay/Lower Tarwin bike track at the beginning of Jupiter drive OR at the boat ramp at Estate 2.

Wikipedia has more details on this eclipse. This Blog has details of best viewing time for some Australian cities.

The 21st also marks the summer solstice (the shortest night of the years), The full moon and the tails of low air pressure and cold front (bringing the cold and cloudy weather) may bring higher than average tides and a slight possibility of more erosion and sand movement at the top of the beach. All in all a good night to get out and take a look at what is going on, albeit with a raincoast and umberella.

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