Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another light show in the sky

On the morning of the 13th August there will be an aligment of Venus Saturn and Mars, and a crescent moon in the eastern sky. Unfortunately it will occur a little after sun rises and not break on the eastern horizon till almost 8am. What you might see with the naked eye is a thin cresent moon and a bright star (venus) nearby The famous Perseid meteor shower should then becoming to its maximum at roughly the same time on the northern horizon, or slightly east of north. A great place to view this is from the bike track to Lower Tarwin on the rise at the start of the track near the intersection of Jupiter boulevard and Lees Road.

View Viewing perseids meteor shower in a larger map
Look across the adjacent field at the horizon to the right of the Pine trees close to Lees road, just before dawn, for the best chance of viewing meteor trails.

The moon, sun and planetary alignment in conjunction with the current lower air pressure (stormy weather) is likely to produce a very high tide and lead to significant new erosion at the top of the ocean beach profile.

There is a great article on viewing the alignment & meteor shower by Dr Tony Philips of Nasa, but remember his times and date relate to the Northern Hemisphere.

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