Sunday, November 30, 2008

A steeper beach profile

If you look at the beach profile at the moment it shows both erosion at top of the beach (backshore) and also in the areas exposed at low tide (foreshore)

This is not quite what the theory suggests might happen with erosion due to rising sea level. When the top of the beach erodes the lower section should be filled with the sand eroded, in other worlds the whole beach profile should lift. This is described in what is know as the brunn rule. However the beach at venus bay often has this form in winter

This photo was taken at beach one on 2/11/2008 at 11:17 am

If you notice new erosion scarps at the top of the beach (or at the base of the dunes). Take a photo, note the location and time and uploaded it. Just into the photos on Flickr (with the tag VBOP) and/or make a blog post here about it.

At low tide take photos of what is exposed.

So here is a summary list of what you may be able to include include

1) Take a photo, if you can. of the erosion
2) Record the place, data and time you took it

Any of the following information is likely to be helpful, so record that as well if you can

3) Look up a tide table and record the last high tide
4) Note the air pressure, and also if it is rising or falling
5) Describe the weather, and wind
6) Describe the waves (and swell)

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